Buy it: Digby & Iona Lusca ring
When I first moved to NYC 10 years ago, Williamsburg was a somewhat sketchy neighborhood in its early gentrification period; my dear friend HG lived there in loft apartment that was easily the size of a high school gymnasium, and it was around the corner from the infamous bar Cokie's. Now, whenever I go to Williamsburg, I marvel at all the people, restaurants, high-rise condos, and, yes, the stores. I spent Saturday afternoon shopping in the 'burg with my friend MK, a seasoned Williamsburg resident, and to celebrate the two-days-early arrival of our respective paychecks, she took me to some of her regular haunts. A great thing about shopping in the outer boroughs, where rents are more affordable than in Manhattan, is that stores can be more selective and specialized with their merchandise, without charging an arm and a leg for it. One of my favorite shops we hit was Catbird, a tiny jewel box of a store, offering quirky jewelry and home accessories like candles. The shop has an antiquey feel, with the jewelry housed in curio-type cabinets along the walls. I should mention that they were having a sale when I was there; select items were 40% off. True to my nature, I fell in love with an item that wasn't on sale: this Lusca ring by Brooklyn-based jeweler Digby & Iona (Catbird has a similar, albeit smaller, style, the Seppie ring, on their website). The Lusca is an octopus with a hammered, vintage look; it's oversized, and its tentacles extend out over your other fingers. It's definitely a statement piece, but it doesn't scream cocktail ring--it's more like you found it in the bottom of a trunk or in your great-grandmother's jewelry box. At $280, it's not necessarily a bargain, but considering its size and that it comes in sterling silver (or matte vermeil), I think it's worth a little splurge. Unique jewelry like this doesn't go out of style, and considering its unusual look, it could definitely become a signature piece. Hopefully it will still be there by the time my next paycheck arrives.

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Grateful Bunny said...

Love that ring.