Vena Cava Spring 2010
Where & When: Thursday, September 10th at noon, Milk Studios
Runway Recap: Words cannot describe how excited I was to be invited to the Vena Cava show; it's one thing to be invited to a show of a designer you appreciate, and another thing entirely to be invited to a show of a designer you truly admire (and wear). And so watching the Vena Cava show felt like shopping--I literally made stars on the run sheet next to the looks I want to buy. There was so much great stuff: unique prints, flowy chiffon dresses, fluttery jersey dresses, tribal details, slouchy pants and blazers, and even some punk-rock details. The styling was cool (all the models wore sunglasses), the makeup was cool (purple lips and nails), and, yes, the clothes were cool.
Standout Look: The subtle mix of textures and prints--the printed and solid silk with a striped elastic belt--make a somewhat complicated idea totally easy to wear. This was one of many great dresses in the collection.
Bonus Points: This was my first show at Milk Studios, the "cool kids" alternate venue downtown, and aside from the fact that I had no phone reception, Milk gets two thumbs up from me. The show had a very democratic first-come-first-serve seating plan (hence how I ended up in the front row), and, for extra bonus points, the Fiery Furnaces provided live music.
Where to Buy: Click here for store locations.

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