Custo Barcelona Spring 2010

Where & When: Sunday, September 13th at 8 p.m., the Tent, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: After being shut out of a couple shows on this day, it was a wonderous occasion being let past the mobs and into the Tent for Custo Barcelona. Though at first I was standing in the back row, I managed to fenegal my way into a seat in the fourth row! The Spring 2010 collection was a mosaic of textures and vibrant colors, flowing capes and long fringe, patterns, and playful motifs. I have to say, if I were a man I'm not sure I would be daring enough to wear those loud patterned blazers, but in the context of a fashion show they looked stunning. Many of the ladies' outfits were sleeveless with elaborate chokers attached to the bodice. I'll let the photos do the rest of the talking.
Standout Look: A bowl-cut model sporting a one-shoulder dress that was an unlikely concoction of elements that somehow works together (sort of like Tom Cruise's face). It's possible I was merely in love with the model. There was another great look straight out of Nerd Central with manpris that I've posted a photo of here...pass the slide ruler please.
Bonus Points: I received a ginormous waterproof souvenir tote bag which I plan on using to haul groceries around the city.
Where to Buy: You can purchase Custo Barcelona here.
Postscript: I just realized that I leered at Brandon Davis (oil heir, a la Lindsay Lohan) at the show because I thought he looked like a d-bag. In general, not much of a celebrity presence at this show.

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