Kai Milla Spring 2010

Where & When: Monday, September 14th at 6 p.m., Museum of Art & Design
Runway Recap: When people find out I write a shopping blog, they love to either ask me where to find something specific, or to complain about how they have a hard time shopping for clothes. The latter complaint tends to come specifically from women of a certain age. Which brings me to a paradox of the fashion industry: designers love to design for the lithe bodies of young women, but the women who can actually afford designer clothes tend to be in their 30s and up, ages at which, well, not everything looks best short and skintight. So, if you're reading this and happen to have money to spend on flattering, ladylike clothes, I suggest you look up Kai Milla. Her designs are body-conscious enough, but detailed in such a way as to be flattering--they emphasize the body, rather than flaunt it. Many of her dresses have sleeves, which many women clamor for, and while she showed some shorter hems, most covered the knee. With a focus on solid colors and black-and-white prints, a floral silk chiffon jacket and one-shouldered gown warmed up the collection with soft color. Ladylike, yes, but definitely not dowdy.
Standout Look: Evening looks are always showstoppers, but since the modern woman spends the bulk of her time at work, daytime looks are always key. This printed cotton dress has a slim shape that won't overwhelm any figure, plus the draping across the hips helps camouflage any problem areas. You could wear it to the office, then out to dinner afterward, and really, what more could you ask for?
Bonus Points: The newly reopened Museum of Art and Design provided an interesting backdrop for a fashion show; the models (all of whom were non-white, by the way) cleverly entered the exhibition space from the elevator.
Where to Buy: Visit KaiMilla.com for store locations.

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