Haleh Nematzadeh Spring 2010
Where & When: Wednesday, September 9th at 8 p.m., Morrison Hotel
Runway Recap: Standing in line for Haleh Nematzadeh's show on the Bowery and being heckled by the bums, I felt like I was being transported back in time--isn't the Bowery supposed to be all cleaned up and condo-ed out by now? That ended up being a fitting experience, because the Downtowny designer's collection was inspired by Paradise Garage, Danceteria, and the dance clubs of days past. In other words, it was a mega '80s collection, with huge shoulder pads, leggings, and fringe. Much of it was club-friendly, a point further driven by the use of blacklight during the second half of the show (which inspired the pissed-off photographers to shout "Lights! Lights!").
Standout Look: Amidst all of the clubby, '80s clothes, there were some great ideas, and some very wearable clothes. I was particularly taken with this chain-fringe vest, layered over a leather-look catsuit. Not exactly a work-friendly look (well, unless you work in a club), but totally hot.
Bonus Points: Open bar, check. Gift bag, check. Celebrity model (Lydia Hearst), check.
Where to Buy: Click here for retailers.

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