Loris Diran Spring 2010

When & Where: Monday, September 14th at 2 p.m., the Altman Building
Runway Recap: Inspired by childhood memories of Coney Island, Diran infused his spring collection with a bright poppy, teal, and yellow color palette, while exaggerated puffs, poufs, peplums, and draping highlighted different parts of the body. While some looks suffered from droopy-fabric syndrome, smart clients will snap up the paperbag-waist skirts and fluttery blouses for women and tipped shirts, jackets, and sweaters for men. Judging by the enthusiastic response of the audience, however, I don't think any of the items will be a tough sell.
Standout Look: This dress featured exaggerated, highly puffed sleeves, which could be clownish if done poorly, but they were perfectly sculpted in an almost futuristic way, and when paired with the sleekness of the zip-front sheath dress, the two shapes perfectly complemented each other.
Bonus Points: The models walked slowly enough that I had time to take photos, take notes, and follow along the run-of-show sheet, and in spite of this, the show was only slightly longer than usual. Yes, it's exciting to have models stomp down the runway at breakneck speed, but slow and steady wins the race.
Where to Buy: Loris Diran boutique, 3 E. 1st St. (at Bowery).

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