Genetic Denim Spring 2010

Where & When: Friday, September 11th from 6-9 p.m., 224 W. 30th Street
Runway Recap: I must say, there's nothing like the excitement of runway shows during Fashion Week, but I also love presentations, because you can literally be in and out in minutes. In other words, it's nice to change it up with a quickie now and then. In the case of Genetic Denim, I think it took the publicist longer to explain the setup of the event than for me to actually go through it. Basically, this presentation was more about the atmosphere than the clothing. The front room, with floor-to-ceiling windows open to the street, featured a really cool "tree" with leaves made out of denim (insert joke about denim growing on trees), as well as four models wearing Genetic Denim shorts or jeans and not much else, save for strategically-placed scarves. The other room had strands of crystals hanging from the ceiling, which didn't really have anything to do with denim from what I could tell, but it looked kinda awesome, and thus I'm including a photo of it anyway. And, oh yeah, this is where the lone male model was residing.
Standout Look: Sitting under the denim tree, this model was very into giving me a unique pose, but I was pretty intrigued by her skinny jeans, which had a raised, snakeskin-like texture. I am also all in favor of the sleeveless denim jacket. Something old, and something new.
Bonus Points: There was an open bar, which I didn't partake of. Far more exciting was the fact that, randomly, '80s supermodel Carol Alt was there, and I am happy to report that she looks totally fantastic. Sign me up for that raw diet she's on!
Where to Buy: Visit website for stores.

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that's quite a pose!