Rad Hourani Spring 2010

Where & When: Monday, September 14th at 4 p.m., Milk Studios
Runway Recap: In the year and a half since I last saw a Rad Hourani show, the Canadian stylist-turned-designer has developed quite a following among the fashion cool kids, many of whom packed his show this afternoon (I spotted everyone from Susie Bubble to Elle's Kate Lanphear in the audience). Spring is not too different from fall in Hourani's androgynous futuristic-biker world; vests replaced motorcycle jackets (although there were some of those also), skinny pants were shredded along the front or were replaced entirely with knee-length bike shorts. The biggest shift in his silhouette came in the women's looks, which featured hump-like watteau backs, often made from a jumble of fabric tacked onto the upper back. A little weird, yes, but in Hourani's hands, it all looked appropriately cool.
Standout Look: In perhaps an homage to Michael Jackson, a lot of Hourani's pants, tops, and jackets were finished with silver chain trim. In the case of this jacket, the trim elevated the motorcycle style to an even cooler, futuristic place. The volume (and watteau back) of the jacket helps to counteract the sleek, skinny look of bike shorts (and, yes, bike shorts are back--they've been everywhere this season).
Bonus Points: Considering what a hot ticket this show was, it's a miracle I even got in. I'll leave it at that.
Where to Buy: Click here for info.

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