Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2010

Where & When: Monday, September 14th from 2-3:30, Metropolitan Pavilion
Runway Recap: For lovers of Rebecca Minkoff's Morning-After and Devotte bags, the good news is that she's branching out into ready-to-wear, so you can be a head-to-toe Rebecca Minkoff girl. (Well, not quite toe--she hasn't launched footwear. Yet.) The even better news is that the clothes range from cute and girly to full-on sexy, and they'll retail at a contemporary price point, putting them in an affordable league. The spring collection had a very strong early-'90s Versace vibe, with leopard prints, buckle details, corset tops, exaggerated shoulders, and lace insets; according to the program notes, Minkoff was inspired by Tim Burton and Peter Lindbergh's photographs of the supermodels. There was definitely a slightly aggressive edge to the collection--the shoulder pads, yes, and also some leather pieces and buckled bondage pants--but sweetheart necklines and fuller skirts softened many of the looks.
Standout Look: In the look on the right, the sweetness of the ruffled top balances out the rougher, fashion-forward vibe of the pleated leather skirt. I think it's a perfect ensemble to wear with this leopard-accented Morning After Bag.
Bonus Points: The gift bag included a nice big bottle of hairspray, as well as an awesome Rebecca Minkoff leather bracelet with pyramid studs. Also, apparently Gerard Butler was there, but I didn't see him, unfortunately.
Where to Buy: Shop online or find a store near you here.

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Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Totally agree on the stand out look- that's adorable and i would wear that outfit in a second!

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