Malan Breton Spring 2010

Where & When: Monday, September 14th at 11 a.m., Metropolitan Pavilion
Runway Recap: In the glamorously frozen-in-time world of Malan Breton, polished ladies wear lace sheath dresses, taffeta skirts, and organza blouses, and now, with Breton's introduction of menswear, their male counterparts have joined the retro party in a parade of metallic silk three-piece suits. The collection was inspired by the ballet--at various points in the show, a pantless male and tutu-ed female dancer broke out into pirouettes and arabesques, to the applause of the audience--but except for a tulle-overlay dress at the end, the ballerina influence was barely discernible. Much more successful were the men's suits, sharp and well cut, that came down the runway in both bright, bold colors and groovy metallics. Breton is a natural at the neo-debonair aesthetic; perhaps because of his unique persona, menswear makes even more sense than his womenswear ever has--he's selling his own lifestyle, and it's a fabulous one.
Standout Look: It will take a bold man to wear this bright red three-piece suit, but this look was so unique and magnetic, it's a wonder why more men don't own one in this color. (I also enjoyed the slightly metallic electric blue sport coat behind it.)
Bonus Points: There were gimmicks galore in this show--a live orchestra provided the music, Alex from the Real Housewives of New York sat front row, and Ben & Holly from the first season of Make Me A Supermodel walked in the show, not to mention the runway ballet--but the packed audience ate it all up, giving Breton an enthusiastic response during his bow.
Where to Buy: Visit for more information.

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