Gottex Spring 2010

Where & When: Monday, September 14th at 7 p.m., the Tent, Bryant Park
Runway Recap: In Gottex's program notes, they state the line is taking "a modern direction without forsaking its DNA." Gone are the crazy accessories like turbans and swaths of chiffon--a step in the right direction--but Gottex's swimsuits still sport an exotic, somewhat over-the-top look, rendering them unsuitable (pun intended) for anything but lounging around the pool or yacht and looking fabulous. And, for the most part, the suits were fabulous, particularly a series of cobalt blue bohemian looks and the sleek, sequined black styles at the end. Two notes of caution, however: the '80s, high-cut styles and gathered, diaper-like bikini bottoms need to be banished--they're neither flattering nor modern.
Standout Look: There is nothing at all practical about a white swimsuit--especially a high-necked, short-sleeved one--but practicality is a concern that doesn't exist in the world of Gottex, and thus this gathered-front style with side cutouts was a showstopper, especially with the faux-coral neckline.
Bonus Points: Gottex really stepped up its game this season with its models--I spotted top girls Arlenis Sosa (pictured here), Abbey Lee and Sessilee Lopez.
Where to Buy: Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, and a department store near you.

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