TheFind Guest Post: Rocker Inspired Fur Vests


Fur vests are a functional and fun accessory for fall. A fur vest, real or faux, can add a layer of luxurious warmth. This has been one of my 'uniforms' for cool weather dressing, and this year I'll be pairing my faux fur vest with black skinny jeans and my black cashmere Stella McCartney sweaters. There are many shades and styles of fur vest, many inspired by the glam rocker trend. Some are long and can be belted. Others are shorter and zip or buckle up the front. Look for embellished and beaded fur vests as well.

From 3.1 Phillip Lim, this black dyed lamb fur vest (top left, $1,500.00 at is a gorgeous splurge. Made in Italy the v-neck vest is embellished with rhinestones and takes this whole fur vest trend to a new level of luxe wintertime style. The asymmetric and artfully crafted knitted lamb fur vest from Karl Donoghue (top right, $1275 at is knit with individual fluffy curls of lamb fur. The wide folded collar can be left open or folded up and buttoned to keep you warm and cozy during the chilliest of days. Gryphon's "Rocker Vest" (lower right, $725.00 at is made of faux fur, has an open front and is cut to fall above the waist. Accentuated at the neckline with metal beads, this vest makes a nice contrast to an all black outfit or simple black t-shirt. Inside this vest you'll find striped lining. Reasonably priced at $198, French Connection's "Fast Big Foot" Faux Fur Vest, from gets you the most faux fur for your dollar. Long with an open placket this lined vest looks great worn open or belted. Pair with a simple tee, dark sweater or black leggings and platform booties.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I think fur is disgusting--if you want to skin innocent animals alive for their fur, some of them domestic dogs and cats stolen from the street in China, then your narcissism, ignorance and vanity speaks volumes.

I like this blog but an appalled that you want to promote fur--guest post or no.

Cheryl said...

Anonymous, Cheryl Shops' policy on fur is that it's a personal choice. When I do write about fur, I always include faux alternatives, as TheFind has done here. That said, clearly none of the vests featured above are made from dogs or cats; I suggest you reserve that argument for where it's relevant.